Targeting Perioperative Fitness

Merging the International Prehab Society (IPS) and the Perioperative Exercise Testing & Training Society (POETTS).



Supporting Research & Implementation

Promoting standardised practice, training and education.



Supporting Education & Training The Workforce

Creating a platform to share experiences, knowledge and advice.

Exercise Testing & Training

Pre-operative cardiopulmonary exercise testing is used to objectively measure physical fitness before major surgery

Nutritional Optimisation

Nutritional support and supplementation, exercise without nutrition will not increase muscle mass.

Psychological & Lifestyle Support

Mental support, patient education and patient empowerment. Cessation of smoking and behavioral changes.

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iPOETTS is committed to the academic advancement of Trainees whether they are purely clinically orientated or future clinical academics.

Events & Courses

Conferences, meetings, training courses. Opportunities to learn and contribute to educating others.

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